Do you seek an intimate union with a woman who is your intellectual equal, your private confidante and sensual inamorata all at once?

Do you find yourself daydreaming about a partner who is incredibly intuitive about your needs, and so captivating that you can’t get enough of each other?

I am an engaging woman with a playful spirit and a beauty that radiates from the inside out.  I have an alluring yet soothing presence and I aim to stimulate the mind as much as the senses.  You will find me to be extraordinarily caring, romantic, and refreshingly down to earth.

I extend my warmest greetings and welcome you into my world with open arms!

How shall we begin our incredible story?



Playful, down-to-earth, world traveled and highly educated, my friends find me to be the ideal combination of carefree and refined.

When we meet you will discover a beautiful woman who is full of compassion and warmth, with a lighthearted outlook on life. Seductively feminine, I will be dressed in a fashion that entices while discreetly hiding the delicate French lingerie that I wear underneath.

Everything about me is natural, from my soft, kissable lips to my sparkling hazel eyes, to the luxurious chestnut hair that cascades over my delicate neckline. Years of outdoor, active living and formal dance training have kept me toned and slender.

I love to savor a calm night of relaxation, and I’m equally as excited to venture out and try something new. From hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu to Tango dancing in Buenos Aires, I’m always up for a physical challenge!

I have many hobbies and passions including photography, architecture, performing arts, film, world cultures, and fitness. There will be plenty for you to discover and I look forward to learning about your passions as well.

My goal is for our time together to be a thoroughly pleasurable and mutually gratifying experience. Our adventure will be distinctive, exquisite, and immensely enjoyable!


Connection is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives...

The first thing you will notice about me is my affectionate, inviting energy that pulls you in like a warm tide. I’m relaxing, open-hearted, and I truly want to get to know the real you.

I have a natural tendency to connect on a profound level that you will find incredibly fulfilling. You’ll be smiling from the moment we meet as I embrace you in a way that lightens your whole disposition.

I love a natural interaction where the shades of our liaison vary from easy playfulness to untamed passion and bonding on every level. How rejuvenating to feel so alive and in the moment without even thinking about it!

Go ahead and imagine our memorable adventures together because you have found a companion that thrives on your fulfillment. Shall we color in the details of our story?



Two Hour Rendezvous 2000
Three Hour Amorous Tryst 2800
Four Hour Dinner Date 3400
Six Hour Escapade 4400
Fourteen Hour Overnight 6000
Twenty Four Hour Indulgence 8000
Each Additional 24 Hours 5000

Please inquire about rates for longer arrangements,
weekends, and extended travel.


I am available for exclusive domestic and international travel. Travel is one of my passions and I would be delighted to hop on a plane and meet you somewhere.
A 50% deposit will be required


What is your availability?

My schedule is somewhat busy outside of this endeavor but I do my best to accommodate respectful requests. Please try to provide me with as much advance notice as possible.

Are your photos real?

My pictures of me are real and were taken very recently. For privacy reasons I cannot send you any other photos. I am grateful to say that I have received many compliments on my warm eyes and beautiful smile!

How will you dress for our date??

I enjoy dressing for any occasion and I present myself as a stylish, elegant woman. Underneath you will likely find some beautiful lingerie from my extensive collection.

I prefer an understated sexiness, leaving some to the imagination. I am happy to accomodate your clothing requests with proper advanced notice.

What kind of companionship do you offer?

I offer a warm-hearted, genuine girlfriend experience. When we are together I will be completely devoted to making you feel relaxed, inspired, and fulfilled. Our time together will feel completely natural and filled with laughter, joy, and passion!

What kind of gentleman do you like to see?

I find myself very attracted to gentlemen who are kind, respectful, and sincere. I’ve found that I’m most compatible with those who desire real rapport, deeper than the mere physical, but without entanglements.

Do you see Couples?

Yes! I love the dynamic of a ménage a trois and I am honored to share in a loving couple's connection. I will be sure to discuss and respect both parties boundaries. To that end, I will need to speak with both members of the couple before agreeing to meet.

Is screening necessary?

Both security and privacy are very important for us to establish a safe, open and honest dialogue. It is necessary for my safety and security to verify everyone with whom I may meet. Your privacy is very important to me and any information you provide will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

How do I take care of the business side of our date?

Please graciously provide the consideration discreetly in an envelope or card at the beginning of our time together.

Are your rates negotiable?

I am particular about who I spend my time with and my donations allow me to be as selective as you are. If my fees are not acceptable to you, I appreciate your interest kindly ask you to search elsewhere for another companion.

Can we spend time together uncompensated?

I do appreciate the sincere requests that I receive. I always thoroughly enjoy myself on dates however I cannot spend time with you without being compensated for my time at my usual rates.

Do you have reviews?

Our time together is a private and unique experience and I feel that reviews would compromise our privacy.

Are you available for social engagements?

As an educated companion I make a great date for a variety of charitable, corporate, social, and cultural events.

Are you available for travel?

Yes! I am available for domestic and international travel and I would be thrilled to join you on a business trip, romantic weekend, or a longer adventure. The cost of applicable flights and transportation along with a 50% deposit must be secured beforehand. Please inquire for more details.


I kindly ask that you fill out the required screening form in its entirety and send me a friendly email introducing yourself. Privacy and discretion are of utmost importance to me and I assure you that the details you provide will not be compromised or used for any other purposes beyond your initial screening.

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